What is Zumba?


Put simply it’s a latin inspired, dance based exercise class and the goal of the Zumba movement is “to spread the philosophy of health and happiness and loving everything you do, especially your workout”

Each Zumba teacher, including myself, aspires to achieving that goal and with each teacher having a different style, Zumba is like going to a different person’s fitness party every week with fab music, great dance steps and an atmosphere filled with fun and energy.

Why come to Sally’s Zumba class?


  • Zumba with Sally is an easy to follow and exhilarating cardio-vascular workout that will get you sweating , smiling and swinging your hips.
  • It’s inclusive… not all of us can do it perfectly all the time but we can all do it in our own way most of the time.
  • It is of course effective giving you a good cardio-vascular workout… and remember the more you move, shimmy and shake, the harder you work getting your energy levels soaring.
  • We welcome beginners who can always follow the more practised group members… who sometimes are known to remember the routines better than their instructor!!
  • You can let your inhibitions go, express yourself, have a laugh (but not always at Sally please!), learn new skills and burn some calories
  • Feel part of a community… Sally’s Zumbettes

For further information on Zumba® please visit the official Zumba website at


As part of my role in the local community to encourage good health and fitness habits I offer families the chance to keep fit together. At present an adult can accompany any teenager from 14-18 years and will pay a total of £7 (For Zumba and Total Toning Classes in Beeston).

Here are a few snaps if my lovely ‘zumbettes’ and ‘total toners’ keeping it in the family and working out together.

Images of family friendly Zumba class


Family Zumba Monday 6-6.45pm

Participants Dancing

As your instructor I hold a FitKid Certificate in the Teaching of Health Related Fitness to Children and can offer Zumba to parents and children.

This Zumba session allows a parent to accompany a child from 14 years. This dance based class involves choreographed routines that challenge coordination and the cardiovascular system. This provides younger participants with sustained sub-maximal exercise offering recovery sections so intensity can be moderated to suit the child, their age and level of health and fitness.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

I also encourage young people in the community to develop their physical fitness, commit to a training program, learn new skills, for example Zumba dance moves and rhythmns or latest exercise and training techniques. I accept small numbers of students, age 16-18 introduced by a responsible adult or 14-16 accompanied by a parent (to fulfil insurance criteria) to work towards their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

For further information on Zumba® please visit the official Zumba website at