Some Zumba, Body Blitz and Yin & Yang Yoga classes have now resumed at Round Hill School. Ella will take the Zumba and Body Blitz classes and also stream them in the normal way for online members. Round Hill School Schedule

Although the government has introduced new rules to limit social gatherings to 6 people, there is an exemption for “organised indoor and outdoor sports, physical activity and exercise classes” so we will be continuing with the Round Hill School classes. If this changes, any classes you have booked will be refunded.

If you just want to attend these community classes then you must book and pay in advance via our site. Numbers are strictly limited due to social distancing

To access the online classes via Facebook Group Membership you can pay via PayPal Weekly Subscription. Payments are to be made by Friday for access to the group the following week. The charges are as follows:

  • Zumba (One class per week) £5 pw
  • Body Blitz (One class per week) £5 pw
  • Pilates (One class per week) £5 pw
  • Zumba/Body Blitz/Pliates (Any two classes per week) £8 pw
  • Zumba/Body Blitz.Pilates (Three or more classes per week) £12 pw
  • Yoga (One class per week) £8 pw
  • Yoga (Two classes per week) £12 pw
  • Yoga plus any other class (2 classes per week) £12 pw

If you are an existing Online member of Sally’s Online Yoga and Fitness Fun and want do a combination of online and community classes then visit the group to see the options available.

Current TimetableOnline Timetable for week commencing 31st August


Classes are continuing online using Facebook Live or Zoom.

In order to keep our AMAZING fitness community thriving during this time of separation, Beeston Fitness are providing an online fitness timetable.

We are providing a week long timetable that will cost £12 for the first week then £5 £8 or £12 depending on your usage & circumstance.

Alternatively you could join me for one session on a pay as you go basis at just £5 for a half hour fitness session or £8 for a Yoga practise. Just click the appropriate button below so sign-up.

Please join us on this online platform so we can stay connected and continue with all of our on going fitness journeys whilst keeping communication flowing and supporting each other on the way!

To all of our current fitness folk that we see week in, week out, we can’t wait to see you on this new platform!
And to anyone that has never attended physical class before, we are so excited to welcome you to our fun and inclusive Beeston Fitness community!🥰


Not only can you use the ball to improve your core strength, balance & posture.

If you’re working from home you can also use it to sit on at your desk to help correct your posture while working for essential back care.

Plus its fun & the kids will love it too…



MONDAY 6.45 – 7.30pm



A fun filled multilevel fitness class….

Show up and tone up

Zumba Logo

Monday 6.00-6.30pm with SALLY

Thursday 6.45-7.30pm with Ella

Zumba is an easy to follow and exhilarating cardio-vascular workout that will get you sweating, smiling and swinging your hips.

The more you move, shimmy and shake, the harder you work getting your energy levels soaring.

We welcome beginners who can always follow the more practised group members… who sometimes are known to remember the routines better than their instructor!!

You can let your inhibitions go, express yourself, have a laugh.

Classes held at Round Hill School

Foster Avenue, Beeston 

* Classes to be booked and paid for via individual Leisure Centre. Booking advisable.

Classes at Round Hill School (excluding Yoga): Under 18s and Round Hill Staff £3.00

Classes at Round Hill School: Just turn up and pay on the door

Pricing and Class Passes

We would love you to keep variety in your fitness routine by enjoying the different classes on offer to you with Beeston Fitness.

You can enjoy a combination of classes or find your favourite. Which ever option you choose consistency is the key. You can therefore purchase a class pass.

Details on Class Passes can be found here.